Monday, January 21, 2013

Rough Shift (GIF)

Some time after the Great Shift deposited him in the school's chaste virgin. Jerry decided to allow himself to become more sexually liberated, going to a male strip club he found himself in a back room with a few other girls who used to be men... getting their brains fucked out. Slowly, he was approached by a man wielding a huge dong of his own. After chatting a little, he divulged that he used to be a petite asian girl who never had sex before and decided to try a job such as this to get him by. As Jerry slowly got into sucking the stripper's cock, a woman who was watching nearby thought he was going too slow. "NO! YOU GOTTA GO FASTER! HARDER! DEEPER!" She shouted as she pushed the stripper's cock down his virgin throat, gagging the entire time and ruining blowjobs for Jerry forever.

1 comment:

  1. Well, she has alot of time to practice again and again. I just hope the others guys-turned-chicks aren't treated well as well for doing that to her. I hope they get knocked up :D