Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The future of bodyswap

In the future, bodyswapping is so commonplace that one could simply walk to a street corner and purchase a new body. People sell their bodies on websites like Ebay, only some bodies came in broken form sometimes. The Infamous lawsuit of Jackson V Henderson Market ended with Mr. Jackson being stuck in a Handicapped woman's body that seemed normal enough to the eye. This new day and age, many bodies were 'get what you see', Vend-u-body was a new service being tested out in the Japanese market. Hundreds of the same body were cloned and sent to vending machines across the country, the smaller breasted models being available in the lower income areas. Hikaru lived in such an area, clutching his hard earned money, he would stand before the vending machine. The currency of Japan was at an all time high now, 100 yen was now worth the equivalent to a thousand US dollars. Sliding the coin into the machine, the curtain revealed his choices. Immediately he hit the 100 Yen girl and carried the mindless, soul-less body back home with a heavy cough. He didn't have much time before this old, defective body gave out... he needed a new one ASAP and always wanted to try being a girl! Soon, he would get his wish. What he didn't know though, was that these girls were cloned to never achieve orgasm, as the lowest priced vending choice.