Monday, October 22, 2012

Dry Shaft

Date Shaft

Fine, look. (GIF Cap)

"Now that we're back to work, I hope that you guys will all just act like the Shift never happened." Jim said to his fellow cubical jockies. Matt, who was an unkempt man had shifted with a ten year old Russian girl spun in her chair that her feet didn't even reach the legs of. "Yeah, that's fine. I just don't like being like this. At least you've got tits... I gotta grow mine in before I can have... Fun." She said, raising her eyebrows back and forth. "Speaking of fun... and tits... Jim... lets see 'em." the little girl said, hooting and hollaring along with an obese 40 year old asian woman and a teenage kid who had also been Jim's co workers. "Fine. Once and we get to work!" He said opening his new top and lifting his bra, jiggling them a little. "Happy?" He asked, putting his bra back on and doing up his top. "Yup! I totally sprung a leak. I'm wet!" The older woman said with a laugh as Matt crossed his arms, looking at the teenage guy's pants that showed a boner. Matt was the only one who couldn't enjoy the show. "Mine will be better... when they grow."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meanwhile... In Shafted Japan (GIF)

The Great Shift messed up so much in the world. Transportation, Businesses, Families. But Nick was in for the biggest shock. Finding himself a woman, he was shocked just as every one else who had a free sex change did that day. Only he was asian, Nick was... racist to say the least. Also, he disrespected women completely with no regard for them as his equal. As the woman's husband came home speaking Japanese, he smacked her upside the face. Screaming in a rage where his dinner was in the foreign language, attempting to explain only to be smacked in the butt this time. Crying, he rushed to the kitchen to make his new husband dinner. During dinner, his husband rushed to his feet, making Nick get to his new feet. Lifting his apron and dress, he yanked down his underwear and pants and began to go to town. Nick was afraid of this man, so he had to let her have his way. The table shifted as his new genitals were pounded hard, almost in tears he thought to himself. "I wish I was in America... Women are treated right there."

Arcade Shaft (GIF)

After the Great Shift dropped Jim into the body of a Japanese girl playing in an arcade, all hell broke loose. A perverted man, obviously someone else in his body had decided to take advantage of Jim's new, much smaller Japanese body by pushing him over and pulling his new shorts and panties and ramming into him. Jim was in no position to fight his way out and the noise around him was deafening. Children running out, screaming in Japanese about being businessmen and mothers. All the while, he was being fucked hard by a random pervert. After an orgasm rushed over him, he noticed the man behind him was speaking English. "Stupid bitch doesn't even probably understand English... oh well, I'm in a nice body and she can't understand me. She's probably another asian girl in there anyway." He laughed as Jim simply turned around and muttered ."Not quite... Asshole." Before kicking him in the groin and beating it as fast as he could... still without any pants, with his new juices dripping between his thighs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bouncer Shaft

Bimbo Shaft

Deepthroat Shift (GIF)

After the Great Shift had deposited him into the body of a woman who was well known for her... bedroom skills by the entire campus, Dan felt a peculiar sensation in his throat before he could even freak out about being in a woman's body. Clutching his throat, he realized something was lodged in it, feeling around his mouth he was able to grasp a hold of the offending invader and rather quickly pull it out. Wet inch upon inch exited his new throat, never gagging the entire time. Holding the foot long jelly dildo in his hand, he gasped for breath panting loudly as a blonde woman burst in obviously in panic. "Jenny! is that you? I see you got it out of my throat, thank god..." She sighed as Dan slapped the it into her chest, the still saliva coated sex toy giving a loud smack. "Lady, You're a pervert."  he cried out as he left into the chaos ruled streets.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Royal Role Exchanger

Bus Shift and a note from Vioxxy

On another note, THANK YOU for the 20,000 Views everyone! I feel so honored that people seem to enjoy my caps so much! As thanks, full on requests are opened! Ask away and I'll try my best to make them happen!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Need some ideas!

Alright guys. I'm opening up some... Vague requests since I've noticed I've had a good amount of followers now. :3

I want some suggestions for Great Shift scenarios and some Great Shaft scenarios. I'm partial to BBW caps and unladylike caps also as many of you may notice. So have at it!

Mom Shaft

Stolen Shift

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everything's Bigger in Texas!

Another older cap. Just haven't gotten enough time to make a new one in the past few days. :/

Going Rogue!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

BBW Facesit Shaft

I found this picture floating around a message board. It seems that a watermark is missing due to it's cropping. After a little. Apparently, her name is Lolla and she does a lot of Facesitting. If anyone has any information on her, or if she has a website or whatever, I'd love to let her see the cap and give credit where credit is due!

Middle School Wedgie Shaft