Monday, October 22, 2012

Fine, look. (GIF Cap)

"Now that we're back to work, I hope that you guys will all just act like the Shift never happened." Jim said to his fellow cubical jockies. Matt, who was an unkempt man had shifted with a ten year old Russian girl spun in her chair that her feet didn't even reach the legs of. "Yeah, that's fine. I just don't like being like this. At least you've got tits... I gotta grow mine in before I can have... Fun." She said, raising her eyebrows back and forth. "Speaking of fun... and tits... Jim... lets see 'em." the little girl said, hooting and hollaring along with an obese 40 year old asian woman and a teenage kid who had also been Jim's co workers. "Fine. Once and we get to work!" He said opening his new top and lifting his bra, jiggling them a little. "Happy?" He asked, putting his bra back on and doing up his top. "Yup! I totally sprung a leak. I'm wet!" The older woman said with a laugh as Matt crossed his arms, looking at the teenage guy's pants that showed a boner. Matt was the only one who couldn't enjoy the show. "Mine will be better... when they grow."


  1. Oh wonderful use of the gif! Very nice post-GS story, well written!


  2. Great job, I really liked this cap. Nice use of the GIF.